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Malia's galleries. These will feature action and posed shots of Malia and pictures from her personal photo albums too! These will span over her whole career so look for older and newer stuff. A zip file for downloading will be sent within 24 hours of order. Thanks and enjoy the pictures!

37 pictures from a live match pitting Malia vs Jazz
Only $8!!
156 posed pictures of Malia in 6 different sets of two piece gear.
Only $20!!
Pictures from a USCW show. The Experience takes on Amber O'Neal and Rain and The Experience ringside for Gary Garvin vs Christie Ricci. 108 pictures total
Only $18!!
52 action shots of Malia vs Storm from a live USCW show.
Only $10!!
Barefoot custom photoset with Malia, Sumie Sakai and Jessie McKay!! 95 posed and action shots in this one!
Only $18!!
Malia vs Lexie Fyfe from a KCW match from 2004. 49 pictures in this action gallery.
Only $9!!
Pictures from a recent match against Athena. There are posed pictures of both Malia and Athena from before the match and also action shots. 56 pics in all.
Only $10!!
109 pictures of Malia posing in different leather and chain accented gear.
Only $18!!
The Experience- Malia Hosaka and Lexie Fyfe vs the Pink Ladies- Madison Eagles and Jessie McKay. 80 pictures from this SHIMMER matchup.
Only $12!!
49 posed action shots of Malia vs Jessica James. Boston crabs, Figure 4 and more.
Only $10!!
Posed pictures of Malia in 3 different sets of gear. There are 94 pictures in this set.
Yours for just $17!!
55 pictures from matches of Malia vs Debbie Combs. These are from 4 different matches from Malia's early career.
Yours for just $10!!
Malia vs Ariel. These are from two different fights. 56 pictures in all.
Enjoy for just $10!!
109 posed pictures of Malia in 4 different one piece suits!
Only $18!!
USCW match vs Amber O'Neal. I'm accompanied to the ring by manager Gary Garvin and Brandi Wine so you know there's going to be trouble for Amber! There are 70 pictures in all.
Yours for just $12!!
Lingerie shoot! 27 pictures in all.
Yours for just $12!!
Tag match at USCW. Alicia and I take on Talia Madison (aka Velvet Sky) and Josie (aka Sojo Bolt) 83 pictures in this gallery
Yours for just $15!!
25 pictures from the WWA tour with Valentina.
Yours for just $8!!
71 pictures of Malia in two different early outfits wearing her old white boots.
Yours for just $12!!
A mixed collection of a couple of my matches against Penelope Paradise We had a long feud from late 80's to early 90's. There are 67 pictures in this gallery
Yours for just $12!!

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