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Frequently Asked Questions!!!

Please read here before emailing Malia or her webmaster. Your question is probably answered below. If not, then feel free to email. If you ask us a question that is already addressed here, you will probably receive a response of "please see the FAQ page"!!!!

1) I Just Placed an Order- How do I get the video or photoset that I ordered?
Paypal orders are NOT instant access at this point but they will be filled within 24 hours, usually much less except for days when we may be on the road. If you haven't heard from us, please check your spam mail, orders tend to get sent there unless you add us to your address book. If you haven't heard from us within the allowed 24 hours, please do write us in case there was an oversight.

2) Can I share my pictures and matches with my friends or online?
No, no and please, double no! The content is sold for personal collections only and is not to be resold or reposted in any form without the express written consent from me! Reselling or reposting of the content will be grounds for not selling to you again. I will also have it pulled from wherever you have posted it. Please be honest and don't do it. Don't steal from me and then expect me to be nice about it!!

3) How Come My Video Doesn't Play/Sound Right?
A couple of possible reasons. One is that your player may need a specific codec that it's lacking. If that's the case, simply play the video with your Internet browser open and it should "phone home" for the software that it needs.
The temp cache of your browser may be full also. Click "Tools" in the bar up top, go to "Internet Options" and check things out there.
It's also possible that your download was interrupted or corrupted somehow. Try downloading it again but first delete any incomplete version of the file from your hard drive (including deleting it from your Recycle Bin). Then, be sure to compare the total size of it with what's listed on the site- that will let you know that you have the complete file.
Also, you might want to look into a free download manager like LeechGet (www.leechget.com/) or Flashget (http://www.flashget.com/en/download.htm) or Free Download Manager (http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/) to help you connect and download larger files. Some ISPs time out during the download of large files and download managers can speed up downloading and also equalize your connection.
When all else has failed, please drop us a line at radiantMaliaonline@yahoo.com and we'll see what we can do to help.

4) Can I Order Using a Money Order Instead?
Yes you can, but please be sure that you send us:
Your name and email address,
The name and/or number of the photoset or video that you are ordering and
Your Money Order; No personal checks are accepted and cash would be at your own risk.

SLAMmin Promotions handles my billing so mail to:
SLAMmin Promotions
Box 2698
Valrico, FL 33595
When we receive your letter your information will be emailed to you.

Malia and MaliaHosaka.com

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