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Welcome to MaliaHosaka.net, a site dedicated to a veteran of professional wrestling, Malia Hosaka.
On this site, you will be able to purchase for download action and posed photos, matches and more.
Also make sure to check out the store for autographed pictures and t-shirts!
The events page will show you where you can see Malia live and she loves to get presents so click on the Wishlist to buy Malia a present (Christmas will be here soon!).

From the Horse's Mouth:
Hello everyone! As many of you may have noticed there is a new look/format to the site now. Since I am not wrestling fulltime anymore, nor am I seeking a fulltime career in the industry, it was hard to keep the members' area fresh and updated with matches and pictures. My webmaster and I made the difficult decision to discontinue the members' website. We are now offering matches and pics on a PPV basis. This will help me to offer you more of my older matches that may or may not have already circulated around the web, but we did not feel they were really for the "members site" since we weren't sure how available they were already. If you do decide to download them here, PLEASE do not post them elsewhere. They are for you to have for your collection and by keeping them in your collection only it will help to keep the site going a little longer. As I get time, I will still take bookings and have the matches posted here, but as many of you know I have a real job that I love and am dedicated to as my new career. As such my days off are limited and with the economy it is hard to get promoters to justify the expense of booking me, esp since I have been off TV for so long and since there are so many talented up-comers out there today.
We will be updating the merchandise area as well as the appearances as time goes so please don't get frustrated. Just bear with with us and keep checking back. There is a FAQ page that I hope will help you navigate the new site and answer problems that you make have as well. If you still are unsure about something, please email me or my webmaster (prob the webmaster as they know more about the issues with the site than I) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Finally, I want to thank all the great people who stuck with me in the member's area! Your support was greatly appreciated and I am so sorry that I could not have offered you more or made it more successful for you. If only the internet had been so advanced in the height of my career.....

Thanks again to everyone for their support over the years. It truly is because of the great fans like yourselves that I had a career at all in the wrestling world!

Malia Hosaka

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